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Antole Garron was one of the two Raoul like characters in The Phantom of the opera (1943 film).

Anatole GarronEdit

Anatole was a preformer and teacher at the Paris Opera House. He was competing for the love of Christine Dubois along with Raoul D'Aubert and a mysterious man who wanted to protect her , the mans name name was Erique Claudin. Garron bielieved that the reason Erique was so protective was because he fell in love with her. Garron and Raoul then teamed up to save Christine from Erique. It is unknown whether christine choose Raoul or Garron , but in the end they both decided to be friends . walking arm and arm with eatchother out of the opera (Many Phans joke that at that moment Raoul and Garron both realised there gay love for eatch other although the scene means that they became friends). A running joke in the movie was Raoul and Garron saying things at the same time and bumping into eatch other.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Nelson Eddy almost turned down the role because he had to dye his blonde hair black. They then used a "special" hair dye that would wash out each night.